Trader Voice Global Transformation

This customer strategic priority was to continue to drive the productivity of their sales traders as they recently concluded a Global rollout to a leading Trader Voice Solution.​

As part of the transformational agenda, the customer wanted their Trader Voice solution to seamlessly work with their desktop applications of Microsoft Dynamics (CRM) & Symphony Federated Chat Client and elevating Chat to Voice.

ComitFS has developed Microsoft Dynamics and Symphony connectors to support the customers global transformation agenda.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results

Integrate Seamlessly to Microsoft Dynamics and Symphony through a single CAS Middleware and similar client experience. Ensure high touch conversations worked seamlessly with mission critical sales trader apps

One standardised CAS middleware for the customers developers to integrates their desktop applications with their IPC Unigy estate, or use the CAS Dialler applications developed by comitFS

Our CAS middleware is the platform to securely authenticate turrets users with the banks Active Directory.​

Traders’ productivity will be driven higher as the rich high touch features of a Unigy turret software work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics and Symphony, with seamless integration.