End of Life Voice Recording Records

Many customers having invested years on a storage solution find themselves in a position where the vendor has given end of life notice. For customers working with 7 and sometimes 10-year retention policies, it leaves customer with little option but to move the data. At comitFS we’re subject matter experts at working with end-of-life storage objects in the voice arena.

comitFS Automated Data Extraction (ADE) service provides a highly structured and automated process to extract legacy audio into a format that can be readily access by the customer on a technology that isn’t nearing end of life. 

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results

Migrate voice recordings archived on end-of-life EMC Centera platforms to the local Hitachi Content Platforms (HCP) from 4 regional locations.

Leverage (CAS)technology and purpose-built data management and migration tooling for the synchronising of voice data between the EMC Centera and the HCP.

End to end migration of approximately 132TB of audio data from EMC Centera to the HCP platform.