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Seamless High Touch Trader Voice Integration with Banks In-House CRM

The customer had an in-house CRM, but it was not being utilised enough. The application met its purpose, but Sales Traders would find it difficult using the CRM while going about their day-to-day tasks. The customer was seeking to not only tightly integrate regulated high touch conversations with their in-house CRM but to create a step change in the business analytics extracting insight from every client interaction.

comitFS simplified and accelerated the deployment by providing a single API which worked across all the customers turret estate (IPC Unigy) as well as their digital workplace devices of Cisco, Cisco Jabber and Avaya.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results

Ensure every high touch conversation seamlessly works alongside the customers in-house CRM instance

CAS middleware with multiple turret and device connectors worked seamlessly alongside the regulated persona

100% of the media remains on the devices, so zero change in the voice recording infrastructure

Every call is captured and recorded as an activity in the in-house CRM system with caller, called, duration and Participants details

From a security stance CAS being in the banks own infrastructure reduced the security oversight and cost associated with this implementation

Two Thousand regulated users consuming comitFS CAS connector for the banks in-house CRM

One Middleware collapse the time and effort the customers developers invest in integrating devices with the banks in-house CRM

The AI/Machine learning teams tapped into the fact they every call and the context of the call is captured. Next best actionable insights could be generated on behalf of the Sales Traders