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The CAS Salesforce Dialler sits alongside the Salesforce CRM Screens alerting the sales trader when calls are made or received to aid the optimisation of the workflow of regulated personas in Wealth, Private and Investment Banking. Our software allows an Salesforce Activity Screen to be automatically created when users of Trader Voice Turrets make or receive calls.

How does CAS Salesforce our customers more productive?

The CAS Salesforce Dialler helps front office regulated users become more productive as every voice conversation results in a contextual popup of relevant data/screens from Salesforce.

The CAS Salesforce Dialler helps bring to the forefront, using and linking the CLI and DDI of calls with the Customer data associated in Salesforce on demand.

The CAS Salesforce Dialler helps the trader voice teams embrace high touch integration of regulated conversations with desktop apps without having to re-engineer their trader or standard voice or recording infrastructure.​