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Seamlessly integrating communication and collaboration into the workflow of Traders and Wealth Managers​

Delivering Compliance and Business Insights from data across the communication lifecycle

Enabling banks enhance their communication and collaboration processes through automation​

Today 4 out top 10 investment banks by fees now use comitFS software

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CAS Workflow

At comitFS, our Directors bring a collective experience of 100 years immersed in the dynamic world of trading floors. Recognising the evolving landscape, we understand that E-Trading Apps and Smart Automation are essential prerequisites demanded by the buyside.

While technological advancements are paramount, we also appreciate that frictionless high-touch collaboration during times of complexity remains the gold standard valued by the buyside. Notably, there's a substantial increase in the sell side's desire to enhance the productivity of sales traders, allowing them to serve more customers without compromising high-touch engagement. To this end CAS Workflow builds upon the middleware to provide products coupling Communication and Collaboration in to the Traders' and Wealth Managers' workflows.

Key Focus Areas:

Sales Trader CRM Integration:

  • For CRM owners, ensuring every inbound and outbound conversation triggers instant and relevant contextual information is crucial. Our solution seamlessly integrates with Sales Trader CRM apps, offering a unified platform for enhanced communication.

Data Mining for Actionable Insights:

  • CRM owners aspire to capture metadata and sales notes, mining this data in real-time to uncover next best actionable insights for sales traders. comitFS prioritises this data-driven approach, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Streamlined Middleware for Development:

  • For application owners, comitFS offers a single middleware that collapses complexity, reduces costs, and accelerates time to market. Developers can focus on a single API for turret and digital workplace UC devices, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Connect with comitFS:
If delivering superior high-touch client integration with sales trader desktop applications is a top priority on your agenda, we invite you to reach out.

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CAS Insights

Building on our commitment to innovation, comitFS extends the scope of Trader Communications data beyond traditional Call Detail Records (CDR) and Voice Recording. Through our CAS Insights applications, we delve into Transcriptions, Voice Biometrics, Context Tagging, and Workflow Actions, creating a robust and comprehensive dataset.

Key Features of CAS Insights:

Open Standard Data Delivery:

  • The rich set of data derived from Trader Communications is delivered to banks through an open standard. This ensures that banks maintain full access and ownership of their data, fostering transparency and control.
Versatile Data Usage:
  • The delivered data serves a myriad of purposes across the bank, from the front to the back office. Every spoken word becomes a valuable asset, contributing to maximum value derivation. CAS Insights empower banks to harness the potential of their data for strategic decision-making.
CAS Insight Solutions Target:


  • Empowering traders with contextual access to past conversations, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.
Operation and Product Owners:
  • Providing data to ensure systems are optimally utilized and functioning, enhancing operational efficiency.
Compliance and Risk Teams:
  • Offering a normalized set of information, accessible and reportable, to streamline compliance processes and manage risks effectiv

Join comitFS in the era of data-driven insights with CAS Insights—where every conversation contributes to the strategic advantage of your organization.

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CAS Automation

Expanding on the success of CAS Workflow and CAS Insight solutions, comitFS is driving a paradigm shift in banking communication capabilities through CAS Automation. By tapping into the power of CAS APIs and insights gained from repetitive tasks, comitFS has successfully delivered automation solutions that redefine operational efficiency.

Key Highlights:

Automated Task Solutions:

  • Leveraging CAS Automation, comitFS automates tasks by harnessing insights from repetitive processes. This innovative approach optimizes workflow efficiency, reducing the time required to perform tasks while minimizing the risk of human error.
Machine Learning and AI Integration:
  • Embracing Machine Learning and AI principles, comitFS pioneers solutions aimed at streamlining Operations Teams' tasks. The focus is on expediting task completion times and concurrently reducing the likelihood of errors, enabling teams to concentrate on higher-value responsibilities and diminishing the need for manual work during non-business hours.
Future Integration into Core Trader Workflow:

CAS Automation solutions are poised to extend seamlessly into the core Trader Workflow. As data insights and integration APIs undergo continuous enhancement through 2024 and beyond, comitFS ensures that banking institutions can embrace cutting-edge automation within their trader workflows.

Join comitFS in reshaping the future of banking communication through CAS Automation—where efficiency meets innovation.

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Why Choose comitFS

Delivering innovative technology solutions and leveraging cross industry collaboration through a network of partners recognized as thought leaders in their field, comitFS develops the leading-edge ”Communication Application Server” (CAS) Middleware specifically to solve the complex communication and compliance challenges financial organisation face. CAS as a middleware layer underpins a suite of extensible solutions and services from “build” to “support” across - Communication & Collaboration, Analytics & Compliance and Refresh & Transformation for trading and financial organisation’s communication ​infrastructure.​

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