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Welcome to comitFS

We are dedicated to financial markets trader communication. Take a quick tour of offerings in this overview video, and please do get in touch anytime to learn more about how our solutions are helping our clients solve the difficult challenges in today's market.

Communication Applications Server

comitFS developed the leading-edge ”Communication Application Server” (CAS) Middleware specifically to solve the complex challenges of trader communication. CAS is the only middleware product that can connect to all available trader voice and telephony systems with a single API - improving control and management in financial markets. The solution underpins much of what we do in comitFS driving both our Compliance and Tranformation solutions and services.

Communication & Collaboration

Traders have a greater number of channels to manage, delivered through a matrix of multi-vendor solutions. Trading room teams want better visibility and supervision across these channels to aid productivity. Transitioning trading room technology is time consuming and expensive.

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