The comitFS Professional Services team enables financial institutions to ‘go to the whiteboard once’ when designing, developing and deploying communication solutions across the enterprise

comitFS leverages an unrivalled level of expertise across all vendor platforms to ensure the delivery of seamless, collaborative and scalable communication technology, from tightly integrated single-source infrastructures to complex mixed architectures.

The Professional Services team’s total understanding of the trade workflow enables comitFS to future-proof financial communication technology against market developments and customers’ changing business needs.


comitFS is uniquely positioned to help fill in the gaps in Communication integration and Voice Recording Compliance requirements for Financial Orgainisations

Communication Integration

comitFS development team can work as part of an in-house team or on custom projects to build and deliver solutions and custom interfaces in order to bring the communications services of an organisations into the workflow.

comitFS can provide a legacy service using their wide-ranging expertise across Computer Telephony Integration, enabling comitFS to deliver a unparalleled management and technology service as banks migrate their Computer Telephony Integration applications. comitFS also deliver a monitoring service for our clients utilising industry-standard solutions to provide a flexible and fully-compliant offering.

We specialise in the following:

  • Communication: Telephony, Video, IM
  • Languages: .NET, JAVA, JavaScript, FLEX

Voice Recording Compliance

Recorded audio files are a asset to many organisations as they contain valuable customer and market data that cannot be attained through any other channel. Recent regulatory and legal guidelines have increased the scope of corporate supervision and records management procedures, and they increasingly include audio from voicemails, turrets and contact centres interactions.

As unified messaging platforms become more common, and access to voicemail and recorded calls improves, regulators and litigators now regularly seek audio content. It is critical to not only capture and archive these communications but to be able to extend enterprise information governance policies to audio content.

Within this in mind comitFS have developed a range of physical and software based tools designed to enable firms to migrate their Voice Recordings into modern storage solutions. comitFS have wrapped the tools into a process driven service capable of extracting, staging and re-importing any form of recording media securely and efficiently.

  • CAS-VRP (Voice Recording Process) - The CAS-VRP Voice Recording Process manages the manual process of the tape and disk extraction through to the staging service ready for re-importation. This process is underpinned with delivery scripts providing detailed reports at all stages.
  • CAS-VREP - comitFS have created a unique offering in the Voice Recording Extraction Platform. This mobile kit enables the team to deploy quickly on site leveraging the modular nature of the system to cater for the bespoke needs of the client - AIT or DVD or a mixed Media infrastructure.
  • CAS-VR - The Voice Recording plugin to the CAS platform manages the importing of the indexed media to and from any Voice Recording platform and storage solution.

Case Studies


comitFS were engaged to extract voice recordings and pass them to Bloomberg Vault for ingestion and storage. Click below to read the full report.


Voice Messaging

comitFS deployed a nimble and effective Voice Messaging function within a global Tier One bank. Click below to read the full report.


"In comitFS we found a partner who were able to deliver a solution within critical timeframes, in a manner that met the requirements of the initial request brief, whilst offering the flexibility to be enhanced as new clients with differing technology and compliance requirements adopted the service."

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