The comitFS CAS suite delivers innovative, effective and compliant multi-channel collaboration capabilities to financial institutions

Built upon an open-standard communication protocol, the CAS suite seamlessly integrates with legacy solutions to maximise the value of firms’ existing communication technology, while adding new capabilities such as Voice Messaging.

Proven across both tactical and strategic deployment models, the CAS suite can be combined with the full range of third-party solution innovations to equip firms with reliable, flexible and responsive answers to the demands of today’s trading paradigm.

Development Philosophy

Our CAS suite is designed to connect third-party communication solutions into integrated voice, IM and video infrastructures - driving collaboration, innovation and growth within enterprises and across the financial markets.

The CAS suite is a software framework and event-handling engine. Providing users with easy access to appropriate and relevant information, and delivering seamless multi-channel collaboration through four integrated technology layers:

  • CAS-FOR offers comprehensive integration with industry-standard third-party applications, such as the Microsoft Suites and Salesforce CRM
  • CAS-TO provides an off-the-shelf toolkit to deliver productivity, compliance and collaboration capabilities across voice, IM and video
  • CAS-CNCT enables users to leverage CAS features across existing communication hardware including turrets, phones and desktop applications
  • CAS-CORE is the powerful XMPP messaging engine at the heart of the CAS suite

CAS bridges the gap between firms’ demands for leading-edge collaboration capabilities and their cumbersome legacy systems. The offering combines the four underpinning technology layers into a transformative solution suite, proven across the financial industry’s most demanding and complex environments.

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